SONG #64: Spiderman Purse – About Sloths (Conversations With My Toe)

Spiderman Purse

This client’s song should have been up a couple of days ago, but I’m relatively sure that of anyone we dispensed to, that Spiderman Purse would be the most likely to understand the delayed delivery. It isn’t always a case of ‘slowly but surely wins the race’, sometimes it’s just ‘slowly’. Like us, Spiderman Purse was coming to the end of a wonderful week of art, not to mention the long lead-up before that, and was in part looking forward to and in part dreading the days after the festival. A little relaxed contemplation with their case of walking toe though uncovered a whole treeful of sloths who would be willing to keep them company – if not one day in reality (which we at The Song Dispensary truly wish for them!) then at least for a couple of snoozy hours in the sun this week.

The perfect come-down from a hectic week, doze off with Spiderman and the sloths here


SONG #63: Bestfriend Pen – Music Without A Mortgage

Bestfriend PenBestfriend Pen remarked several times during their consultation “I must sound like a mad person!” and, in retrospect, we agree… but after taking in the state of the world we have come to the conclusion that there is plenty to be mad about. What was in order, Bestfriend decided, was a decent dose of early-nineties optimism, a reminder that – while things can sometimes seem increasingly grim if one pours over the daily papers – there are also periods of human history which are expansive, and exuberant with promise. The potion we whipped up for them, with the help of some audience members who turned up to help us out with handclaps, can be applied liberally in times of political difficulty.

Smells like a Manhattan: grab a nice cocktail to throw down, or simply throw, here

SONG #62: My Broken Phone That I Mended The Screen With A Piece Of Plastic – A A E O A O E U

My Phone...

The morning of our last day with The Song Dispensary here as part of Art Week Exeter began with quite a kerfuffle – wheeling the beautiful, hand-painted piano out into the Saturday morning sunshine of the Piazza Terracina only to be forced back in by the rain just after our consultation with My Broken Phone et al was over. Certainly the longest and most pragmatic of our collaborators’, names our first client had a most studious relationship to music and was themselves well-versed in the distillation process. To give their inquiring mind a decent piece to dwell on we dug associatively into the bag of references they had left us with, and hope the resulting song will have them mulling things over for a while.

Explore the stretching possibilities of chord and language with A A E O A O E U here

SONG #61: Delicate Dead-Thorny – Vita Mama!

Delicate Dead-Thorny

The Exeter rain was doing its best to stop us from dispensing this particular number, since after the consultation Delicate Dead-Thorny was held back from receiving it by downpours not once, but twice. Just like her inner diva, Vita Mama, she is not a woman who is easily deterred, and we were very pleased to be able to deliver this song to her right before packing up shop (or, in this case, piano) for the day – not least because her song was a great deal of fun both to write and to perform. We’re looking forward to the shaking-up that Vita is going to unleash upon the town very soon, and with Delicate’s mastery of timing we’re sure we won’t have to wait long for it!

Be lured into the light by Delicate Dead-Thorny’s siren song here

SONG #60: Mini Champ – ‘Thank You’ Is Quite Nice, Isn’t It?

Mini Champ

Every now and again, we are called upon to write a song which could best be described as an aural poultice – something to slather on liberally and wrap up in muslin until something unpleasant has been drawn out of the blood. The recipient of this particular song – an otherwise amiable and cheerful person – didn’t want to complain, but just had a little something they needed to get off their chest. This musical equivalent of vapour rub should do just the trick, and has a double-barrelled effect of drawing to the surface and releasing wry sarcasm, while hopefully also nourishing the soul with some genuine giggles. Mini Champ, we are eternally grateful!

Catch up with Mini Champ in the predicament you’ve left them in here. You scoundrel.

SONG #58: Snowtiger Icecream – Invisible Ears

Snowtiger Icecream

For the first time, The Song Dispensary was called upon to provide some performance-enhancing sounds for this young visitor, who this weekend will be demonstrating her cat-like skill as a budding gymnast. To settle any nerves, we filled the audience with loving and supportive friends; family members, an army of faeries and the Power Rangers all showed up to hold their banners aloft as Snowtiger Icecream prepares herself and the gracefully masters the tumbles and twirls which she has been training so hard at. The big day may be coming up tomorrow, but we are certain this is a song which she will be listening to many times on her journey to reach her ultimate goal and perform at the Olympics.  We’re happy to join the spectators cheering ‘Go, Snowtiger!’ and wish her the greatest success.

Dose up on lady-steroids and take a twirl with Snowtiger Icecream here (coming soon!)

SONG #57: Shiny Heart – Morning Again

Shiny Heart

Shiny heart came to us with early symptoms of the bittersweet pangs that often come with a big life change – a mix of those feelings of gratitude, but also of the grieving that often accompanies necessary shifts in circumstance. This particular set of symptoms was presenting on both practical and meta levels, since central to the situation was the concept of ‘home’, and this triggered both past associations (stories of immigration, with which we at The Song Dispensary are also familiar) and projected future concerns for Great Britain’s post-Brexit life. Those thoughts however were orbiting around an upcoming move out of a long-standing family home, and so this song was concocted to provide an aural tour of the rooms of the house, and to preserve the feelings of them in a musical suspension.

Take a tender wander through Shiny Heart’s open home here